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Power Brow: Microblading Impact

Whether you frequent beauty blogs or have heard it mentioned in a salon, the term microblading probably isn't one you’ve never heard of. Microblading is an alternative to eyebrow pencils, gels, and other products used to add color and depth to shallow or pale eyebrows.

If you are weary of reapplying eye makeup daily but still like the look of lush, perfectly shaped dark eyebrows, a semi-permanent solution like 3D microblading eyebrows is for you. After application, microblading lasts up to several years and you can wake up to gorgeous brows, swim, and do anything you want with worrying about losing the effect. There are tips and information about the process and service providers that you should know before selecting the ‘best microblading near me’.

The artwork

First, you should understand what process is used to create 3D microblading eyebrows. The procedure is a technique that can be likened to tattooing and involves implanting dark pigment under the skin in your brow area. The artist draws hair-like strokes which mimic the appearance of real eyebrow hairs.

A person who chooses to get microblading should plan on dedicating a couple of hours to allow the artist to successfully complete the procedure. If you are looking for the ‘best microblading near me’ to have the procedure, it's important to understand that although microblading is a process like tattooing, it’s less invasive. Microblading lasts up to 3 years whereas tattooing can last over a decade or it can even be permanent.


Once you've undergone a microblading procedure, it’s important to be careful the week following application. This means keeping the area away from water or moisture until the pigment has set. So, no swimming, getting overheated and sweating, or even washing that area or you risk losing the effect and needing to have the application done again.

After your microblading, you also need to know what to expect initially. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but in some cases, people may feel an itchy sensation in the area or experience some redness. The intensity of darkness you see right after the procedure will tone down and fade slightly.

Following your microblading, your artist will provide you with an ointment to use for your aftercare. You should treat the application like a lesion that needs healing time. Avoid applying makeup or any products on the area until your brows have had time to scab over and recover.

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