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Ombre Brows - The Hottest New Beauty Trend

Recently, there has been a large variety of trends when it comes to the way you are able to style your eyebrows. It may seem a little overwhelming when you see all the different things that you can do from the skinny brow to the bold brow. However, ombre brows are the newest beauty trend that is not only fashionable but easy to maintain.

What Are Ombre Brows?

This particular style of grooming for your eyebrows involves the application of semi-permanent make-up into the upper layers of your skin. This is sometimes referred to as microshading. Although the process is similar to getting a tattoo, the pigment is not inserted as deeply into the skin, which means that it is not permanent.

With this type of semi-permanent make-up, you will need to book two appointments with a professional beautician who has been trained in this technique. In the first appointment, the style and fullness of your eyebrows will be established. The second appointment should be scheduled for approximately six to eight weeks after the first for touch ups and to ensure that you are satisfied with the color and shape.

Eyebrows that have received this kind of treatment will typically be darker towards the tail and fades to a lighter shade the closer it gets to the bridge of your nose. You will find that this treatment leaves you with the perfect shape with no smudges. You will also be able to swim and bathe without being concerned about your eyebrows.

If you maintain your semi-permanent make-up appropriately, it will last for around two years. In general, this lasts slightly longer than other treatments including microblading. However, if you choose a lighter shade or if you opt for shading that is less dense this treatment may not last as long.

Tips for Maintaining Your Eyebrows

  • Make sure to keep your skin moisturized for at least a week after the procedure.

  • Only use cotton swabs and clean hands when touching the area.

  • Use a gentle antibacterial cleanser to clean your skin.

  • Avoid scrubbing the area that has been treated.

  • Stay away from spray tans, sunbeds, and tanning until the area has healed.

  • Apply sunblock frequently throughout the day.

  • You may want to return for color adjustments on a yearly basis.

  • Apply moisturizer to the microshading prior to taking a bath or shower to protect your skin.

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