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Microshading or Ombre Brows-Which is Right for You?

Eyebrows are an essential component of your overall look. There were times in history when eyebrows got all but forgotten. They were there, and you hoped for the best. Then waxing and threading became popular, and everyone wanted perfectly groomed brows. However, not everyone has the best foundation for the perfect brow. They may have missing strands, eyebrows may be too bushy in one area, and then sparse in another, or they may be so light that you can barely see them. Fortunately, those who have these issues can overcome them with either Microshading or ombre brows. They are both excellent techniques that are similar but do have some differences. Learn about these two great techniques and then make an appointment so that you can have the gorgeous brows that you dream of having.

Natural Beautiful Brows

Microshading is a method that is similar to tattooing, but the pigment does not go in as deep. Hair-like strokes are useful to fill in sparse areas. While color gets used to create brows in the color that best suits you, since the pigment does not go in as deeply as a traditional tattoo, you should expect to come in for a touch up every eight to twelve months. This method is excellent for those who want to fill in their brows without having to use a pencil each day. This method is not the right choice for those who have oily skin. It does not take well to this skin type. However, you're not out of luck. Ombre could be the choice for you.

Well-Defined and a Bit Dramatic

Some clients are looking for a more defined and dramatic look, and ombre is an excellent choice for them. It is not to say that your brows won't look natural. They can get made to look as natural as possible. This method is also similar to tattooing. It has more in common with traditional tattooing than the above style, and this means longer-lasting results. Rather than coming in every eight to twelve months, clients can expect to come in for touch-ups every twelve to eighteen months. It is a perfect option for the following:

  • Those who have oily skin.

  • Those with combination skin.

  • Clients who have to use pencils and powders on their brows each day.

  • Clients who want a more dramatic look.

  • Those who wish to get a longer-lasting result.

Both of the above options are excellent. They work well and leave you with beautiful eyebrows. The best one for you depends on the brows that you have now, and what you are anticipating. A trained technician can help you make your decision if you're still not sure.

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